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SUNdays Skin Type Calculator

Just as fingerprints differ from person to person, so do skins. Some are very sensitive, dry, pale and thin. Others can be tough, oily, dark and thick. Most people have a 'combination skin' in the sense that no two skins will be the same, even if (they are of the same skin type. The best we can do is categorise them into broad bands and apply doses of ultraviolet radiation in a way that most suits these categories.

To find out what band your skin belongs to, please answer the following four questiona and) { click the button to calculate.

For more information about skin types and safe tanning, see our Good Tanning Guide.

What is your natural hair colour?
Red    Blonde    Brown    Black   

What colour are your eyes?
Green    Blue    Hazel    Brown   

How does your skin react to sun exposure?
Never tans, always burns
Tans quite well, sometimes burns
Tans well, rarely burns
Tans well, never burns

How quickly does your tan develop in natural sunshine?
Never tans, or takes many days to develop a slight tan
Takes two or three days to go pale brown, but can get darker with more exposure
Tan shows next day 
Tan develops within hours or even minutes

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